Can Budgies Eat Lavender?

 Lavender is safe in small amounts for budgies. Lavender is safe for budgies and healthy. It is important to use lavender sparingly. Ingesting too much lavender oil can poison budgies. Lavender oil can also cause respiratory issues in budgies, so avoid using it around them. Fresh or dried lavender should be added to their diet. 

Other herbs can be fed to budgies like lavender. Basil, oregano, parsley, and cloves are high in fiber, which aids digestion and bowel health. Budgies can eat a variety of herbs, fresh or dried. Herbs should only be given in small amounts to budgies.

Besides herbs, budgies can eat tropical fruits like pomegranate, papayas, jackfruit, mangoes, passion fruit, dragon fruit, and guavas. These fruits boost budgie immunity with antioxidants. To avoid stomach upset, introduce these fruits slowly.

Budgies can also eat vegetables like broccoli, kale, carrots, and spinach. Budgies should get vegetables daily or every other day. However, introduce vegetables slowly and increase the amount. Budgies can adjust to new foods and avoid digestive issues this way.

Feeding budgies high-fat or sugary foods is not advised. Avoid avocados, chocolate, and alcohol. Budgies should not eat pesticide-sprayed food either.

As a budgie owner, I can share my lavender feeding experience. For a while now, I have been giving my budgie a little lavender to help him digest. I put dried lavender in his food, and he likes it. I use it sparingly and not as a main food source.