Can Budgies Eat Kiwi?

 Yes, budgies can eat kiwi. Budgies can eat kiwi fruits’ flesh, seeds, and skin, according to Wingsandbeaks, BirdsAuthority, EnglishBudgie, Petshere, Imparrot, and PetKeen. Kiwi fruits are nutritious and a good addition to your budgie’s diet. Wild budgies eat seeds, fruits, berries, and vegetation, so introducing kiwi fruits can mimic their diet. 

Providing budgies with kiwi in moderation is safe. Give them a few slices a week as a treat because too much fruit can upset their stomachs. Start your budgie on kiwi with a small piece to make sure they do not react. Kiwi’s high sugar content means it should not replace their seeds and vegetables.

Not all fruits are safe for budgies because some pips and fruit stones are poisonous. Kiwi seeds are safe for budgies, so they can be added to their diet. Before feeding kiwi to your dog, AKC recommends removing the skin. The kiwi fruit is skin is safe for budgies.

In conclusion, budgies can eat kiwi, which is healthy and safe in moderation. Start with small amounts and introduce new foods slowly to prevent budgies from reacting. A varied diet is important for budgies, and adding fruits like kiwi can provide nutrients they may not get from their regular diet. I have fed kiwi to my budgies, and they like it. They have never had a problem with a few slices a week.