Can Budgies Eat Dried Mealworms?


Budgies can eat dried mealworms in moderation as they provide protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients. A dried mealworm contains 28% fat, 53% protein, 6% fiber, and 5% moisture, while a live mealworm has 13% fat, 20% protein, 2% fiber, and 62% moisture. However, it’s important not to feed budgies too many dried mealworms. A well-balanced budgie diet includes a high-quality seed mix, fresh fruits, vegetables, and a small amount of protein.


Budgies eat grains, pellets, vegetables, fruits, and a little protein. Budgies need a varied diet, not just seeds. Budgies do not require as much meat as other animals. Meat should be given in small amounts, cooked thoroughly, and not a major part of their diet.

Budgies should get no more than 10% of their diet from live or dried mealworms. Live mealworms should be offered in a dish, while dried mealworms can be sprinkled on their food or offered separately.

Before feeding them to budgies, mealworms should be fed well for one to two days. Mealworms’ nutritional value depends on what they eat, so feed the larvae well before feeding them to budgies. Mealworms can be made more nutritious by adding loose bran, oatmeal, and apples for moisture. By slowing their growth in the fridge, mealworms can be kept in the larval form birds love.

It is important to find out if your budgies like mealworms because not all do. Budgies react differently to mealworms.

In conclusion, dried mealworms can be fed to budgies in moderation. A balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, a high-quality seed mix, and a little protein is essential. Feed your budgie mealworms in moderation, either live or dried. Feeding mealworm larvae well before giving them to budgies ensures they are nutritious. Finally, check your budgies’ mealworm preferences.