About Us


Budgies.cyou is a comprehensive online resource for caring for budgies. Jenny Goretti, a budgie enthusiast who runs our website, is passionate about educating others about these beautiful birds.

Budgies need proper nutrition and care to stay healthy and happy, according to Budgies.cyou. That is why we provide a lot of information on budgie diet, behavior, training, and health.

Our website will help you care for your budgies, whether you are a first-time owner or a seasoned breeder. To keep your budgies happy and stimulated, we offer advice on cages, toys, and accessories.

Our experts update our site with the latest budgie care research and trends, so you can trust the information you are getting. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

Jenny Goretti founded Budgies.cyou have always loved birds, particularly budgies. Their unique personalities, gorgeous colors, and charming antics have captivated her.

After a personal experience, her interest in budgies grew. Jenny loved Blue, her budgie. Blue was her constant companion. Blue became ill one day, and Jenny tried to heal him, but he died.

Jenny realized how much she loved budgies and how little she knew about their care after this heartbreaking experience. She was surprised to find a lot of misinformation and conflicting advice about budgie diet, behavior, and health online.

Jenny created Budgies.cyou to help budgie owners care for their feathered friends. Based on her own experience and the latest research, she wanted to share accurate budgie care information, tips, and advice.

Jenny hopes her website will help other budgie owners avoid her mistakes and provide the best care for their pets. Her love for Blue and all budgies drives her to continue providing valuable information to the budgie community.

We hope you and your budgies find Budgies.cyou useful.